Bear Gummies – Sleepy Bear Nighttime 1:1 CBD/CBN

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Greet the new Sleepy Bear, now 3X more potent and more bioavailable than our original formula. Our 1:1 gummies unite a fusion of CBD and CBN to keep you snoozing cozily night after night! This recipe is intended to provide natural aid for physical and mental unease while promoting relaxation and sedation. This melatonin-free formula is an ideal alternative for those who require extra strength results but suffer from sensitivity to melatonin or other sleep aids. Not just for sleep, consume every evening to promote lower levels of inflammation the following day.

Feel Impacts Quicker, Feel Impacts Longer, Feel Impacts Stronger with CANNAPEAK:

Powered by CANNAPEAK enhanced cannabinoids, our new cutting-edge sleep gummies integrate the best of pharmaceutical science and nature so you get your best night’s rest. Utilizing an exclusive two-stage delivery system, our dual solubility matrix provides users with the combined perks of rapid absorption and slower sustained circulation. CANNAPEAK’s active materials safeguard our cannabinoids from degradation, maximizing their effectiveness, increasing their total bioavailability, and allowing for a higher average blood concentration level compared to other CBD choices. Research proposes that when compared to other absorption techniques, CANNAPEAK provides a more consistent user experience with quicker, stronger, and longer-lasting effects.

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