Lava Llama Grand Daddy Purple (Indica) 10ct


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Our Lava Llama gummy line is designed to satisfy even the toughest cannabis connoisseur. Made from our unique enhanced absorption full spectrum distillate with a 6:1 CBD to THC ratio and a full assortment of minor cannabinoids. Our gummies provide a true to strain experience for a more elevated “high” than traditional THC gummies which use processed distillate or THC isolates. With their heavy cannabinoid profile, these gummies provide a balanced experience perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike! FASTER ACTING:
Ever wait a long time for an edible to kick in, wondering if it is even working at all only to then get super stoned out of nowhere? None of that here, slow edibles have gone the way of the dinosaur. Feel effects fast, like as soon as 20 mins fast! Our gummies work faster and are better absorbed than other edibles thanks to our special enhanced emulsion technology, that’s science baby!* STRAINS– PINEAPPLE EXPRESS (HYBRID), GREEN CRACK (SATIVA), GRANDDADDY (INDICA).

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