Our gummies are prepared using only gluten-free ingredients and are certifiably not cross-contaminated. Our gummies do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients. And our products are never tested...
Enjoy the newest and hottest cannabinoid: THC-O. Known for being up to 3 times as potent as D8, this THC-O is infused within a custom premium blend of D8, CBD,...
Our THC-O cartridges are constructed from silicate glass that is composed of at least five per cent oxide of boron and is used especially in heat-resistant glassware. Break-resistant when they...
HHC-O_Gelato_Box Side
Torch is a brand created with the premise of bringing people together through affordable cannabis-derived products. Torch Flow HHC-O products are premium, slim-designed disposable vape pens packed with HHC-O. The...
Our Torch 1.3ml - Delta 8|10 THC Disposable Vape. Available in different flavors. Certificate of Analysis

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