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Live Resin Vs Destillate

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Choosing a cartridge can be tricky when presented with various terpenes, strains, potencies and extraction methods. You may find that process coupled with a particular strain can offer you more relief than others, but how do you go about choosing? Following content by Cannably will help you identify the difference between live resin and distillate and the benefits you may find in both.


It simply means that the oil extracted from a living plant or one that was flash frozen upon cutting preserves the flavour, aroma and naturally occurring healing compounds present within the strain.

Live resin is a Solvent-free process. Meaning the process doesn’t use any harsh chemicals to separate compounds, and therefore there are no residual chemicals from the process.

This process captures the terpenes profile of the plant, allowing the full range of cannabinoids to fully express in the bloodstream and provide more wide-ranging medicinal support. The main goal is to preserve all the terpenes generally lost in the decarboxylation process used to create distillates.


A distillate prioritizes the THC potency as the end product, focusing on creating oil that is very close to being as pure THC as possible. This process uses heat to extract oil from cannabis that has been already harvested, dried and cured.

While it produces highly potent THC, it will lack the natural terpenes and other cannabinoids that were there in the original plant material. No natural aromas and terpenes are retained from the extracted material and are regularly reintroduced after extraction to create a more flavorful product.


Depending on the results you are looking for, you may find these products effective for alleviating your symptoms. If you find high potency to be your route to comfort, a distillate may provide you with the highest available percentage of pure THC content. Moreover, some people benefit from the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids found in live resin. The naturally happening properties in the plant work together to provide comprehensive system relief.


Yes. It is approximately three times stronger than THC, and it takes a surprisingly little amount to activate hallucinatory effects. THC-O is a prodrug, which means that it does not become active until after the liver metabolizes it. Once the drug is metabolized, what is left is mainly Delta 9.

One of the main reasons THC-O is strong is its high rate of bioavailability, and THC-O acetate is far more bioavailable than the delta-9 counterpart. Consequently, THC has its natural effects but at a considerably higher dose. Yet as strong as THC-O, it is not quite potent as THCP.



THC-P or Tera Hydro Cannabis Phorol was discovered in 2019, and it is far more powerful than its cannabinoids cousin THC. This naturally occurring molecule is much better at binding to CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system, so it may seem to boast such intoxicating effects.

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