Happy Shaman

PRODUCT DETAILS Mood booster, uplifting and mind-expanding strain. Alpha and beta-pinene create an invigorating energizing experience with a significant mood elevating effect that gives a productivity boost. Certificate of Analysis
PRODUCT DETAILS This tasty Happy Shaman preroll has terpenes to die for, the fruity delicious cherry aroma you'll want more  
PRODUCT DETAILS Happy Shaman Flowers are infused Delta 8 THC and loaded with our best Cherrylecious active terpenes  
PRODUCT DETAILS Happy Shaman Wax has a heavy base of coconut and pineapple and layers of mango and citrus notes on top. Soothing uplifting effect.  
PRODUCT DETAILS This potent sativa has effects of soothing, focus and happiness are almost immediate. Happy Shaman Cartridge 93% Delta 8 - 1ml . We have several flavors to choose...

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